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Lecture & Tutorial Program

Lecture Programme

The lecture programme is designed to provide didactic teaching of the core curriculum of vascular surgery. The range of topics selected are based on examinable topics at the FRACS Vascular Part 2 examination. Lecture notes and Presentations from selected lectures will be made available on the password protected candidate areas of the AVT website.

Tutorial Programme

The AVT tutorial programme runs simultaneously with the viva examinations throughout the AVT course. These half hour tutorials will review examinable topics in focused group discussions run by Faculty members of AVT. To ensure that all candidates have access to the material discussed, these small group tutorials will be repeated where possible as some final year candidates will be presenting for their viva examinations during the allotted time for these tutorials.

Please note that final year trainee candidates’ priority is to present for their designated viva examinations even if there is a clash with the small group tutorial. As per the actual FRACS Part 2 examinations, candidates who fail to attend designated viva examinations will be deemed to have defaulted the viva exam.


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